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"Non ti ho amato per noia, o per solitudine, o per capriccio. Ti ho amato perché il desiderio di te era più forte di qualsiasi felicità."


Alessandro Baricco, Oceano mare  (via grovigliodinsicurezze)

ed è tuttora così

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"No sé si soy una persona triste con vocación de alegre, o viceversa, o al revés. Lo que sí sé es que siempre hay algo de tristeza en mis momentos más felices, al igual que siempre hay un poco de alegría en mis peores días."


Mario Benedetti 

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A sad farewell to the amazing Robin Williams. He was truly one of a kind. 

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Marina Abramovic-Ulay, Breathing in/Breathing out, 1977

[“The two artists connected their mouths and took in each other’s exhaled breaths until they had used up all of the available oxygen. Seventeen minutes after the beginning of the performance they both fell to the floor unconscious, their lungs having filled with carbon dioxide. This personal piece explored the idea of an individual’s ability to absorb the life of another person, exchanging and destroying it.”]

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"¿Cuántas veces no hemos probado nosotros mismos un café que sabe a ventana, un pan que sabe a rincón, una cerveza que sabe a beso?"

- Gabriel García Marquez.  (via hachedesilencio)

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